Furniture and Home Goods

3939 West 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80212


Worthing Co. is a relatively new store that’s been years in the making. We are three sisters who each have a distinct aesthetic and respect for rare and classic furniture. We’ve been dreaming of starting a store together since we were girls.

We started Worthing help people fill their home with furniture and home goods that they love. Our approach is that everyone needs a chair–so why not find a chair you love?

Worthing Co. Services

In addition to our store, we work with a variety of customers to help them create a home they love. We work on small projects, such as finishing a room to helping clients redecorate their entire home.

We believe that you can transform a space by adding your own touches, whether that be art, furniture or just your own scent. Your home is such an intimate place and we hope that bringing one-of-a-kind pieces to you will bring your fashion sense into your space.  We want to help you express yourself in your home like clothing and fashion is a way to express yourself to the world. There are so many aspects and details of life that we can’t control, we love giving people that power and control over their home design with Worthing Co.’s furniture.

Store Hours

Wednesday 10a-6p
Thursday 10a-6p
Friday 10a-6p
Saturday 10a-4p
Sunday 10a-2p