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Good Pups Welcome

Dogs are part of the family and who doesn’t love taking their furry babies with them everywhere? That’s why we welcome good pups and dogs at Worthing Co. If you and your dog are out and about in the Highlands area, please stop on by our store!

My friends think I’m crazy for the amount of time I spend with my boys, Stout & Porter. They go with me EVERYWHERE. So here at Worthing Co., we welcome friendly pups to come in and hang with Winston, Copper & Marlo. Emily, Devon and I all have a love for each of our furry babies, they are a part of our family. If you & your four-legged friend are on 32nd Ave. please come on in a visit us!

Here’s a list of other dog-friendly stores to visit.

Come by our store or give us a shout

Come by and see us at our new store at 3939 West 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80212. We moved to our new Highlands store June 15th and we love new visitors.

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